Fist Fight Review (2017)

Director: Richie Keen

Starring: Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, Kumail Nanijani

Rating: R


Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) is a high school English teacher at a struggling high school. It is the last day of the school year and also the senior prank day and Mr. Campbell starts to clash with a history teacher named Stickland (Ice Cube). As tempers flare between the two Campbell has to balance a workplace feud, keeping his job, being there for his kid and supporting his wife during child birth.

What The Film Did Well:

There is not a lot that Fist Fight does particularly well. Out of everything, the individual performances stick out above anything else. Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, Dean Morris and Kumail Nanjiani all do well in an individual sense but fail complement each other in their performances. The characters are at their funniest when they stay small one liners that are much better than their dialogue.

Ice Cube does a good job at playing a typical Ice Cube character. In almost all of his movies he plays this hard ass character and he does this exact role. Although, I would like to see Ice Cube expand and try to develop into other roles and improve his acting chops, but he does this role well. At times, he comes off as obnoxious, but he does, in the end execute the character of franklin well. He comes off as a psychopath with anger management is a good portrayal of the character.

Tracy Morgan delivers another solid performance. Like Ice Cube he has a repetitive type of character that he does well. Regardless of what Morgan is in, he comes off as funny and for the most part delivers a good comedic role. I knew what to expect from Morgan, and got exactly that.

Jillian Bell also performed well as a supporting character. I am beginning to like Bell as a comedic actress is everything that I see her in. She had some great one liners that were the best and funniest parts of the entire movie. Bell has a great dark sense of humor. Every small side comment that she had and joke she made had me laughing. A lot of it seemed like it might have been improvised which is always fun to see.

What The Film Didn’t Do Well:

There is a lot that this movie doesn’t do well, but let’s start with Charlie Day. I tend to really enjoy Charlie Day and think he is a very capable actor; I just do not think he was fit for this role. There was time throughout this movie where Day didn’t seem like he belonged in this movie. He added to this unrealistic idea that they were running with on how high schools act and the fictional way teachers and students interact with one another.

I didn’t find the environment or plot that this movie developed to be even semi believable. It painted high schools as this place where everyone can run wild and do what they want, regardless of if they are a part of the staff or a student. I get the fact that this was supposed to be a comedic interpretation of a high school, but it was so absurdly out there that it made the movie pretty unenjoyable.

The biggest area that this movie misses on is the comedy. It just really isn’t funny. It relies way too much on dick joke and dirty humor. It tries to make the audience laugh by throwing in an f bomb every other sentence and just get tiring to watch after a while. The only time it gets going in a comedic direction is with the occasional one liner, that they could have used more of and the dry sense of humor that had good execution compared to the rest of the movie.

Final Thoughts

Fist Fight was simply not good. It is easily one of the worst movies of 2017. The lack of actual humor in this movie makes it suffer and gets a 4.0/10.0. I didn’t have high expectations going into this movie, but regardless it fails in so many ways and this movie was incredibly unfulfilling.

Fist Fight

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