A Cure for Wellness Review (2017)

Director: Gore Verbinski

Starring: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth, Ivo Nandi

Rating: R


Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) is a young CEO from New York City who is sent to a wellness center in the Swiss Alps to try and get a collage to come back to New York. Upon arrival, Lockhart notices this is unlike any place he has ever been. After spending time there he starts to uncover the this wellness center has a much darker past than initially thought and must scramble to try and get back home.

What The Film Did Well:

This movie is a beautifully shot movie. This was apparent from the initial trailers and the cinematography alone makes this a movie worth watching. There are very few movies that you watch and it is worth watching strictly based off what it brings from a visual perspective. I know, that sounds completely odd because movies are all about visuals and even though that is true, there are movies that regardless of what it is about people will like it based of the camera work, editing and the cinematography.

A Cure for Wellness also does an amazing job of making the audience feel extremely uncomfortable. It does this a lot through sound. There are many times where the main character, Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) either completely alone or creeping around this wellness center and either through the choice of music and sound effects or simply having his crutches creak and having the sound of nothingness accompany the audience, it makes the audience uncomfortable and have this earie feeling among themselves. This was not surprising to me because director Gore Verbinski is famous from the haunting imagery of the The Ring.

This movie was also completely original. Sure, we have other movies that take place in some sort of hospital or institute, but this was a different take on it. A Cure for Wellness makes you think after and even at points while watching it. In a time in movies where so many want an original idea and a new type of movie, this does just that. A Cure for Wellness is not part of anything else, it stands alone and is completely its own thing and I hope that for people that watch it, it can be celebrated as such. Just because it makes people uncomfortable, I do not think it should be ridiculed for being so original.

What The Film Didn’t Do Well:

This movie is a long movie for the type it is. Horror and thriller movies tend to run around and hour and a half to two hours at the maximum. This movie runs about two and a half hours and at times it really feels long. At various points, it drags from plot point to plot point and it becomes a little tedious. This movie does take its time and is not rushed, which to some I a great thing, but to others it will diminish the quality of the movie.

The ending to this movie was a little odd. It throws a plot twist at you in the very last scene that makes you question the main characters story and his real ambitions. After watching this movie, I really had to think about the ending and not everyone will understand it or appreciate it right away. It was not like I walked out of the theater and immediately understood why it ended that way and I certainly did not get the true deeper meaning of this movie right when I left the movie theater. It seriously takes some thinking and recollection to truly understand this movie.

Final Thoughts

When I first saw this movie back in February I left the theater not knowing what I really thought about this movie. I found myself saying: it wasn’t bad, but it is not for everyone. I stand by that and give A Cure for Wellness gets a 6.0/10.0. This movies uniqueness pushes the boundaries and had imagery that made me uncomfortable and squirm in my seat. I would much rather have a movie like this take that route, rather than playing it safe and not making a quality movie. This has all the qualities to become a cult classic, only time can tell if it will.

A Cure For Wellness

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