Rings (2017) Review

Director: F. Javier Gutierrez

Starring: Matilda Anna Ingrid Lultz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Vincent D’Onofrio

Rating: PG-13


Rings starts off on a plane bound for Seattle where a passenger by the name of Carter (Zach Roerig) informs another passenger, Faith (Laura Wiggins) that he has watched the tape of Samara. Another passenger on the plane named Kelly (Lizzie Brochere) has also seen the tape and neither one has made a copy of the tape and because of this it causes the plane to crash. Fast forward two years later where Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) buys a VCR who was owned by Carter with the tape inside. Gabriel turns out to be the professor of Holt (Alex Roe). Holt and his girlfriend Julia (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lultz) become cursed by the tape and begin to investigate the case of Samara Morgan.

What The Film Did Well:

Where should I start? Rings really does not do a whole lot well, but it sure does try. At points during this movie it becomes difficult to watch, but the pacing is something that can be looked at as a positive in. Even though it has a run time of just under two hours it seems to move along from plot point to plot point rather quickly. It’s good that this movie moves along quickly because if it didn’t a lot of people probably would have turned it off or walked out of the theater.

The other positive from Rings is Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory) who plays the character of Gabriel. Although Galecki’s acting was nothing over the top, compared to the rest of the cast he is the stand out in the entire movie. Going in, I thought it would have been the opposite since I am only used to seeing him in a comedic role. I was pleasantly surprised to see him do well in a more dramatic role and succeed for the most part in doing so.

What The Film Didn’t Do Well:

There is so much that this film lacks and comes up short in almost every way imaginable. Let’s start with the opening scene on the plane. It starts off not bad in the opening sequence, but then just takes an ugly turn in terms of storytelling and film making. It gives no background on the story of Samara and just jams a summary of her story and the VHS tape down your throat in about thirty seconds. It gives no real background and just makes the opening seem too cluttered and just a jumbled mess with characters that are not going to be featured in the rest of the movie.

Rings soon becomes such a pathetic and cliché horror movie that just turned me away and had me uninterested for the entire movie. It is the overused tale of an individual or a group of people who find a relic of someone and are warned not to use it, but decide to do so anyway. I am not a fan of this method to tell horror movies and it is so overdone, every time I watch a movie with that uses this, it really diminishes the quality of the movie.

This movie lacks any development of characters and because of this you have no emotional investment in anyone in the cast. Their acting becomes dry as the movie goes on and doesn’t help with the development of the characters or the story. Every character in Rings makes some of the most questionable and idiotic decisions that I have seen in a movie within the horror genre in quite some time. Every minor thing they do makes Rings more and more cringe worthy and hard to watch. These characters struggle to make the smallest rational decisions and because of this I had no care or thought into the implications that their potential decisions could have on their outcomes or the overall outcome of the movie.

Rings is supposed to be considered a horror movie, but there is nothing scary about it. At times, it shows glimpses of a disturbing movie more than anything else and that would even be a stretch. It tries too hard with its jump scares and none of them even had a slightly startling effect. Rings completely falls on its face in terms of trying to scare the audience.

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t expecting a lot out of Rings, in fact I thought it was going to be bad in a lot of ways and it was bad and didn’t even meet my rock bottom low expectations. Rings gets a 3.2/10. It’s not a good movie, especially in comparison to the original and whether it is a remake, sequel or reboot it fails in almost every aspect.





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