47 Meters Down (2017) Review

Director: Johannes Roberts

Starring: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine, Chris Johnson

Rating: PG-13


Two sisters vacationing in Mexico become trapped in a shark cage on the ocean floor. As their oxygen starts to run out and with great white sharks circling them, the sisters must find a way to get to the surface alive.

Plot from Rotten Tomatoes

What The Film Did Well:

47 Meters Down starts off as a very fast paced movie and it works for the introduction of this movie because the tone of this entire movie seems to be centered towards action and suspense packed. As 47 Meters Down progresses it loses the quickness that works so well in the beginning. If 47 Meters Down leaned more towards being an action movie rather than trying to be a horror-suspense hybrid it automatically has the ability to become a better movie.

What 47 Meters Down does best, is it becomes a fun adventure that the audience become a part of. Throughout 47 Meters Down it feels like an amusement park ride for a majority of the movie and adds to the fun in watching this movie. It reminded me of how Jurassic Park and Jurassic World felt like a park at a Disney resort. Although this movie is not on the same level as those; they all have that amusement park ride feel when you are watching 47 Meters Down.

This movie is not a scary movie or horror movie, but it did pleasantly surprise me with use of jump scares throughout. 47 Meters Down does not have an over reliance on jump scares to keep the audience on their toes, but the use of jump scares in this move became extremely effective. I am not a huge fan of the use of jump scares in movies, but the ones in 47 Meters Down had a very positive impact on the movie and helped progress.

Another thing this movie does well is there is a small twist towards the end. It was a weird twist in a lot of ways and I kind of saw it coming at some points, but it adds another layer to 47 Meters Down and keeps the audience interested until the end. The twist was not necessary to the overall story, but it helped exemplify some foreshadowing that was apparent at about the midway point of the movie. It was an overall well executed twist, but it can be argued it just was not necessary to the development of the story.

The best part of 47 Meters Down is how it focuses on real fears and is the most relatable part of the entire movie. When the main characters are faced with different fears such as: loneliness, claustrophobia, darkness and the idea of not knowing what is out there is extremely real. Both of the main characters are faced with all of these fears and every single time that they encounter these fears it feels very real and I was able to relate to those emotions that the characters were going through.

What The Film Didn’t Do Well:

47 Meters Down has many shortcomings and aspects that take you out of the movie. The first and main one is the use of CGI. I feel for a suspense/thriller there was an overuse of CGI throughout the movie. Every time a shark came on screen it was extremely obvious that is a CGI and at times the water seemed overly done with CGI. These moments took me out of the movie and made it feel so fake to me, and I get it movies aren’t always supposed to feel real, but when they feel overly fake it ruins the movie.

There was little character development in this movie. This is the fault of the fast pace in the beginning, as it did not give time to develop the main characters and truly have me care about what they are going through. From start to finish I found myself not caring what was happening to the characters and I had not emotional investment on any of the outcome, good or bad, with anyone in the movie.

47 Meters Down suffers greatly from poor writing, especially when it comes to dialogue. Part of this can be blamed on the actors in the movie, but there was just no emotion behind what was being said in the movie. The lines came off as bland and emotional scenes became very monotoned. This was another aspect that took me out of the movie and during one of the more “emotional” scenes in the movie the lines were delivered with such a lack of enthusiasm I asked myself if the actors were really trying.

Lastly, the ending to 47 Meters Down became very cheesy. Part of this is because of the CGI and part of it has to do with the twist towards the ending. It draws out the conclusion far too long and almost felt like they didn’t really know how to end the movie. The ending felt forced and ruined the flow of the movie and is a bug proponent on why this movie falls flat.

Final Thoughts

Overall this movie gets a 6/10. Going in I really wasn’t expecting much out of it, and with such low expectations it even exceeded in some minor areas. Despite its flaws, 47 Meters Down is a fun adventure and story, it’s just not a great movie by any means.

47 Meters Down


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